cloud night light diy

During the winter months I find it important to make our house look and feel warm and cozy.  It’s so enjoyable to be inside reading a book while its’s dark and cold outside.  I especially enjoy the mood one can create with lighting.  My daughter Maja has been wanting a night light in her room for some time.  So, I decided to make her one using white Christmas lights and fabric Stiffy.  This was such an easy project to do and I was pleasantly surprised with how it turned out.


To make the cloud night light here’s what you’ll need:

* Led white Christmas lights (I used 50 lights, but I easily could have used 100)

* batting

* two fat quarters of fabric

* Stiffy

* white thread and needle


1.  With your two fat quarters of fabric cut out a shape of a cloud (or any shape you’d like).  You can draw the shape out first on butcher paper.  Make sure to cut out two pieces and that the right sides match up together.

2.  On the backside of the cloud cut out a circle.  I cut mine about the size of my fist.  This is so that you can stuff the cloud with batting.

3.  Line the two cut out pieces together right sides together and sew all the way around following the contours of your shapes.  Turn right side out and stuff the cloud with batting.  Make sure to fill the cloud with a lot of batting to avoid bunching and getting the shape you’d like.

4.  With the needle and thread sew a hook on the back of the cloud.

5.  Paint the front and back side of the cloud pillow with the Stiffy.  I painted two coats.

6.  Let the Stiffy dry, this is what’s so amazing about Stiffy is that it hardens fabric.  Remove the batting, you may have some batting still attached on the inside of the pillow, which is fine.

7.  Put the Christmas lights into the cloud pillow, hang and plug in.  You’re done!


Here’s how the night light looks unplugged…………………And here’s how it looks plugged in.


I love how warm and soft it makes the room look when lit up.  This night light will make a nice little addition with the Holidays coming up.

cloud-night-light-diy4My kids thought the night light was pretty cool, and now Henrik is requesting I make one for his room…maybe a star?



mini family photo shoot


A few months ago our family had the opportunity to be photographed by the ever so talented and lovely Yan Palmer.




We haven’t had our family photos taken in a long time and were so happy to get in for a mini session with Yan.



It’s amazing to me what she can do in a half an hour, she is a magician behind the camera. Thanks Yan!

mini-family-photos7(All photos taken by Yan Palmer)

stockholm part two

I’m finally getting around to posting part two of my photos from my trip to Stockholm.  You can see part one here.   For me this year traveling has been particularly therapeutic and healing.  I feel so lucky that I have had the opportunity to do so.   About a couple of weeks before August my mother-in-law asked me if I wanted to show her around Stockholm for her Birthday, how could I say no.  We had such a great time and I did my best to give her a pretty comprehensive tour of this beautiful city.


The weather was beautiful and only rained (torrential) a couple of days.   One of the smaller museums that we visited was the Prins Eugen Waldemarsudde Museum located on the island of Djurgarden.  The former home of a Prince, art collector and artist Eugen.  Besides visiting the museum we had a chance to walk around the stunning gardens and forrest surrounding it.


After visiting the Prins Eugen Museum we walked over to Rosendals Trädgard.  Rosendals is a beautiful biodynamic, self-sustaining open garden.


Rosendals grows organic vegetables, plants, and flowers.  Inside Rosendals is a beautiful cafe where you can sit outside on the grass and enjoy the cafe food harvested from the garden.


There is also a large section with row upon row of flowers to pick and take home.  I loved watching the families cutting and picking flowers together.  The weather was perfect, slightly overcast but warm.  It was such a lovely Sunday afternoon.

stockholm14This sadly concludes the last images from my inspirational and heavenly trip to Stockholm.  I can’t wait to go back!  You can see my shop tours in Stockholm here, here and here.  Or Carl and Karin Larsson’s home here and here.  Thank you for indulging me.

Henrik’s claymation party part one

I can’t believe it’s been six weeks since Henrik’s Birthday!  This year we had a small family party as well as a very low key friend party with some of his closest friends.

Because Henrik is so passionate about making clay guys and spends a majority of his time working on them, it was obvious that we had to have a claymation party.


The Birthday invitation was made using a photo I had taken of one of the many funny groupings of clay guys Henrik leaves throughout the house.  This year I didn’t even end up printing the invitation but emailed it to everyone instead.


We decided to limit the guests to a small manageable group of kids.  That way everyone could have a chance to work on their clay figures and we would be able to make a stop motion animation for each of the kids.

I laid out a large sheet of white butcher paper on the table, along with all the clay and tools they would need. Everyone enjoyed rolling, cutting and molding their clay into whatever shape or character they wanted to make.


Henrik, of course, made another set of Wallace and Gromit.  I think he’s already made seven or eight sets of his favorite inventor and his puppy sidekick.



It was so fun to watch the concentration and focus the boys displayed while working on their clay guys.


Maja even got involved in sculpting as well.  She loves to work with “Cay” as well and looks up to her brother wanting to do everything he does.



She may have had to take a break from working to eat some cake, number one of the two cakes I ruined.  More on the cake debacle in part two of Henrik’s claymation party.  Stay tuned…

last minute ghost and circus performer costume

ghost-and-rina-costumeAs a child I was a master at putting together a last minute costume for Halloween.  This usually involved an old grey wig, high heels, and random old clothing from my mother.  I think the only way I know how to put together a costume is last minute.  Both Henrik and Maja’s costumes were put together using found objects from our home and took less than 20 minutes…my kind of costumes.

ghost-and-rina-costume2A couple of months ago Henrik told me that he wanted to be a ghost for Halloween.  Since then I have asked him several times if he’d changed his mind…Nope, he hadn’t.  This was the easiest costume to make.  I cut a big circle out of an extra queen size flat sheet.  I cut two eye holes.  I then painted a black mouth and outline around the eyes…done!


Henrik was thrilled with his ghost costume and wants to wear it every minute that he can.  I’m glad it doesn’t take much to make him happy.


Maja’s Circus Performer costume was put together from this darling Wovenplay Lola suit, black tights, black ballet shoes, a painted bear mask (I cut off the ears), and a large Turkey feather.

ghost-and-rina-costume5Maja, on the other hand, is a bit more difficult to please and while she loved wearing her “rina” costume she liked wearing her mask for about 20 seconds.

ghost-and-rina-costume6She also had other ideas about what she wanted to be doing with her time besides modeling for me.  She’d prefer to be climbing up and down this ladder.