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My son Henrik loves to sculpt and make figures and creatures out of clay.  In the morning when he wakes up he is thinking of new guys to make and when he comes home from school all he wants to do is build new figures.  I have to tell him to stop sculpting to eat his meals.  You might say he is borderline obsessed with it.  One of his favorite things to do is watch instructional videos on how to work with clay, or interviews of his role models:  Ray Harryhausen and Tim Burton (he calls him Tim Burgan).  I find clay EVERYWHERE in my house!  But I enjoy watching this little boy create and be so passionate about his claymation figures.


Because Henrik makes so many different claymation figures, we buy A LOT of clay.  He has long since grown out of play dough or other clay that dries.  He needs to work with clay that is long lasting and has a lot of oil in it, called plasticine.  Several people have asked me where we buy our clay, so I thought I’d share with you where we get ours.  We have discovered the best place to get a wide range of colors and larger amounts of clay is at  Henrik also uses armature wire for the skeletal structure of his creations.  You can buy the wire here.


It’s so entertaining everyday to see the new creations he comes up with.  These are just a small sample of some of his figures.

Also, the winner of the So Pretty! Felt book is Nancy!  Congratulations!  I’ll email you with further information.


  1. Gaby:

    Those are awesome! What a great little artist you have there :)

  2. Nancy:

    Your son’s claymation’s are amazing, what a talent! Also, I just spotted that I won the felt book, so exciting; thank you and Chronicle Books! I can’t wait to see what’s all inside those crafty pages:)

  3. i clicked through to your link on the clay, and was wondering which on that page you use? my son would love some nice clay! thanks.

    • admin:

      Hello Alison,
      I would recommend starting out with the 1 lb. bar. I emailed you a picture of the ones I recommend.
      Best of Luck!

  4. jen:

    He is taking after his talented mama.

  5. Wow- he’s doing great! What a talented (or hard working… or both) little boy.

  6. Eleanor:

    Meta! I met you years ago at the flower basket. I just found your website through Alison’s. I love the bed you’ve designed and I especially love this post about clay sculptures. Your son is so gifted. I can’t believe these sculptures. They’re amazing. How lucky for him that he has a mom who’ll foster the talent he’s got.
    Love seeing your website. I’ll be back again soon, you can count on that.

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