christmas nativity

I hope to teach my children that Christmas is not just about receiving gifts from Santa Clause, but is most importantly about the birth of Jesus Christ.  While in Germany I went to an exhibit of many different creches or nativities that were made over a period of 500 years.  This exhibit inspired me to make a nativity with Henrik.  Henrik loves to make things with clay, so we decided to make the nativity figures out of sculpey baking clay.

If you’d like to make a nativity here’s what you’ll need:

* shadowbox (I got mine at Ikea)

* sculpey clay

* black, blue, and white acrylic paint

* paint brushes

Here’s what we did to make the nativity:

We sculpted simplified figures of Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus and the manger.  We baked the clay in the oven at 275 degrees, 15 minutes for every 1/4 inch.  Mixing the black and blue acrylic paints we painted the inside of the shadowbox in a dark blue.  Once the blue paint dried we painted white stars all over the inside of the shadowbox.  We finished the nativity by placing the figures inside the shadow box.

This was an easy and fun project to make with Henrik and it helped us talk about and focus on the birth of Christ.



  1. I have 3 shadow boxes that I bought a couple of years ago at the thrift store. My husband is always asking when I’ll use them, and this may be just the project. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. it makes me quite pleased to encounter other bloggers who celebrate this holiday in the same way i do (with a focus on christ).

    my little one is still quite little. but this year i have been considering what ways i can ensure this holiday, at least for our family and as ramona grows older, remains one focused on the the true point of it all. this has helped. thank you!

  3. Cathleen:

    Just found your blog. I agree with Emily (Denver) regarding the Christ-centered Christmas. I will keep checking out your blog. This nativity is sweet.

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