Monthly Archives: December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Part of my Christmas wish was fulfilled this year seeing my children in their Christmas outfits, especially Henrik in his father’s lederhosen.  The older I get, the simpler my Christmas wishes become, I just hope to have a healthy and

christmas nativity

I hope to teach my children that Christmas is not just about receiving gifts from Santa Clause, but is most importantly about the birth of Jesus Christ.  While in Germany I went to an exhibit of many different creches or

gingerbread cookies

During the month of December in Germany, there are Weihnachtsmarkts or Christmas markets in all the different towns with all sorts of little huts selling different items like toys, ornaments, food, and much much more.  Several of the huts sell

love for Connecticut

I have been struggling to post anything this week.  Since the devastating tragedy in Connecticut I cannot stop thinking of and crying for the sweet innocent children and their brave teachers who lost their lives.  My heart aches so much