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This week on Babyccino Kids:

Growing up with a German mother, celebrating advent was a big deal and magical to us children.  In our family I have so much fun putting together and collecting gifts for the advent calendar.  Henrik is now at such a wonderful age where he gets really excited to open each advent. This year I found some great paper advent bags at Ikea and couldn’t pass them up.  I like to keep things simple and I just tied twine to the staircase.  I then attached the bags to the twine with wooden close  pins going up the stairs.

I rotate the gifts so that my two children get something every other day.  I usually give them small gifts that range from $1-$4.  I also like to pick gifts that they can get a lot of play out of.  Because I have a 22 month old that is into everything I only put one advent gift in at a time the night before.

It’s so great to see their excited faces when they open their advent bag.  I think it makes counting down till Christmas so much fun and bearable for children.


  1. I love this idea. There are so many ways to go about it but I love what you have done! Simple, clean…and to think to not put the gifts in until the night before–smart mom!!! Can you see filling up each bag ahead to only find a mess of small gifts all over!!!

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