Mix Max

This week on Babyccino Kids:

We like to play games in our family, I especially love a game that will keep Henrik occupied for a couple of hours. I grew up playing with this very Mix Max game from Ravensburger and it has been in my family since before I was born.  I don’t even remember the rules (they have since been lost) but possibilities of play are simple and endless.  Basically just mix a hat, head, body, and legs to make whatever person you’d like.

Henrik gets such a kick out of the funny different looking people he comes up with.  It’s so fun to watch him giggling at all his creations.

I think it’s time to trim Henrik’s hair.

You can find something similar here.


  1. lizzie:

    This is so weird…I found this exact game at a village bric a brac sale this weekend. We’ve been having loads of fun playing it already…I love the characters! How funny that I should come across it today on your post! xxx

    • admin:

      How funny! What a rare find. I have yet to find a matching game I like as much as this one, enjoy!

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