henrik’s party invites

Last weekend we celebrated Henrik’s fifth birthday party with his friends.  Every year I enjoy making his party invitations.  I usually make the invitations interactive for the kids.  For example, for his fourth birthday we had a pirate party so I made a pirate puppet invite.  This year we celebrated a super hero party so I decided to make a Batman paper doll invite.  My hope is for Henrik’s friends to want to play with their party invitation throughout the week.  The invitations are usually drawn and collaged together, fairly primitive, but I hope that they are fun for the kids.

Stay tuned for pictures of Henrik’s Super Hero party, I can’t wait to share!


  1. Julie:

    All of them, so darling! What a great imagination you have and I love to think of the kids playing with their invitations they receive.

  2. It’s my son’s 6th birthday this month, & I’m starting to gear up for it–I LOVE your idea of an interactive party invitation–how brilliant!

  3. this is so great! You have such great ideas. Thank you for sharing them with us. Julia is having here 1st birthday, can’t wait to see Henrik’s photos!

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