bath time

I don’t know what it is about water, but it is very therapeutic and calming.  My kids love the water, especially being in the tub.  There are many times at the end of the day when H and M are grouchy with me and fighting with one another and I don’t know what to do with them.  The second I put them in the tub they are happy, laughing and playing together.  It’s magic!

I’m headed for New York this weekend (hooray!) and will be at Alt Summit.  I’m so excited to meet lots of new people.  Next week I’ll be back with some New York shop tours.


  1. rachael:

    Absolutely beautiful and fun kids bathroom. Do you mind telling where you got the fab circle mats on the floor.

    Also any posts on how to decorate a kids cubby house shared by a boy and girl would be much appreciated. Love your blog.

    • admin:

      Thank you. The mats are from Ikea.

  2. Totally did a double take. First thought: is this out of a magazine?! Then I realized it was your own beautiful bathroom…which truly looks right out of a magazine. Well, well done Meta! Your home looks simply beautiful.

  3. darling…happy baby in the bath! I love what a trio of inexpensive bath mats from Ikea can do for a space. My bathrooms are not big enough or I would be on my way to Ikea! I just moved to the NYC area and when I heard about ALT NY I was too late…it must have sold out in a NY minute!!

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