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When Sarah Jane asked me to make something with her nautical fabric, I knew just what I was going to make, a Pirate Doll.  Her fabric is perfect for a swash buckling friend.  The fabrics I used were the navy stripe from  Ahoy There,  the grey anchor fabric from Morning Coral, and the navy anchor fabric from Deep Sea Jewel.

I first made this Pirate Doll for my son Henrik’s fourth Birthday a year ago.  Henrik loves anything to do with swords, skeletons and buried treasure.  If you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up he will tell you “a Pirate” (let’s hope not).  I decided to make him a fellow Pirate friend who could search for treasure along with him.  Of course the Pirate had to have a peg leg, a hook, a missing eye, an anchor tattoo and a hairy chest.  I drew a few sketches of what I wanted him to look like and then drew the templates for the doll.  This is a sewing project that is more involved and does take more time, but definitely worth it.  Henrik was so excited when he received his Pirate Doll and and still loves to play with him a year later.

If you would like to make a Pirate Doll here’s what you’ll need:

* polyester batting

* a small square (approximately 18″x18″) of black felt

* a small square (approximately 12″x12″) of brown felt

* 1/4 of a yard of cotton peach, or brown colored flannel for the body and arms

* a small remnant of silver pleather for the hook and buckles

* a fat quarter of stripe fabric for the top (I used Sarah Jane’s navy stripe)

* a fat quarter of fabric or colored felt for the pants (I used Sarah Jane’s grey anchor)

* a small remnant of colored felt for the belt (I used a really pretty orange/red felt that I thrifted)

* a small remnant of a contrasting fabric for the pocket (I used Sarah Jane’s navy anchor)

* small pieces of white, red and pink felt for the Jolly Roger, eye, cheeks, and mouth

* a small piece of red polka dot or red gingham for the nose

* a small piece of wool-like fabric for the hair and mustache

* a small brown or colored button (I like to use the same color as the child’s eye)

1.  Using my template cut out all the pieces, lay them down flat and piece them together.

2.  Sew on the pocket, shirt, and Jolly Roger.

3.  Cut a piece of the cotton flannel for the back of the head.  Sew the hat, hair, and shirt onto the head.

4.  Cut a piece of the cotton flannel the same width of the shirt for the face.  Sew the hat and shirt onto the face.  With the zig zag stitch (keep the stitches very close together) sew on the white part of the eye.  Sew the x for the missing eye.  Hand stitch the button onto the eye.

5.  Sew the buckle onto the belt and the boot.  Sew the belt onto the front and back of the doll, in-between the shirt and shorts.  Attach the boot and peg leg to the pants on the front and back.  Make sure they line up properly.

6.  Sew on the cheeks, nose, mustache, and the eye patch (sew only the top part of the eye patch so that you can lift it and see the missing eye).  With brown thread (or whatever color you use for the hair) hand sew the chest hair.

7.  With the wrong sides together sew the hook and stuff it using a chop stick.  Sew the stump onto the cotton flannel hand, leaving a 1′ space for the hook.  Hand stitch a black anchor on the forearm.  Sew the arms and sleeves right sides together.

8.  Turn the arms right side out and stuff the batting in tightly (you might want to use the end of a wooden spoon to pack it down).  Hand stitch the hook into the black stump.

9.  Pin the two sides right side together and sew leaving openings for the arms and the top of the hat.  Turn inside out.

10.  Stuff the pirate doll.  Hand stitch the hat closed.  Hand stitch the arms into the openings of the body and you’re done!

Henrik had so much fun with the Pirate Doll, playing piggy back, throwing him in the air and telling him Pirate secrets.

You can download the Pirate Doll template here.


  1. Sue ray:

    That was a great project – I had a chuckle at the peg leg, eye patch and hook. You should probably name him “Lucky.” I will definately make this guy.

    Enjoy your day,


    • windy:

      I have tried to find the pattern to download.. but it says it is no longer available. is there anyway i can get this i would lovee to make this for my grandson’s… i would like to make these and have them for christmas next year.

      Thank you so much… this looks like an adoreable project..

      • Meya:

        Yah, very sad. It says the pattern is no longer available. Love to make one for my Nephew’s Pirate theme birthday party!

  2. Kathi:

    Thanks.. Love pirates (probably a few back in my South Carolina heritage). Especially if they look like Johnny Depp.

  3. So glad I found your blog! Excited to read it!

  4. gina:

    thanks so much for the templates!

  5. arrr…. love the hair and the anchor tatoo. lol

  6. Ashley:

    Thanks for the tutorial. I cant wait to make this for my son!

  7. OH MY!! My nephew is completely obbsessed with EVERYTHING pirate. I cant wait to make him one. Thank you for the darling pattern :)

  8. Wow meta!

    You blog is really amazing!

    Can’t wait to see all the great things in store for you!

    Love the pirate! My kids would love this!

  9. Love this–so much. My boys are really into pirates (what boy isn’t). Making this for both boys, for Christmas!

  10. Mina:

    Thank you for the great template, I love pirates and sea related things!

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  12. This guy looks great! I am sure my girls would love such a pirate… maybe I will find some time to sew one. Thanks!

  13. the template doesn’t have the head.How do I do that ?

    • admin:

      Hello Cathie, the head is basically flesh colored felt that goes behind the hair and everything else, it doesn’t have to be a specific shape just large enough to hold all the features, etc. I don’t know if that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  14. so is the body a a tube and everything is sewn on to it? sorry I am a beginner at sew and this is still new to me . I have cut out the face parts, hair, pants, and shirt. its just the body I was confused on because I wasn’t certain how to attach the bottom parts together.

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  16. Melinda Zinda:

    I am a tad confused as well. Wouldn’t be easier to take our pattern pieces and tape them together to make a pattern for the body and then top stitch the pieces to it? It appears that all you did was top stitch the pieces onto the body, right? Weren’t you concerned about raveling raw edges or did you use fray check? Thanks.

    • admin:

      You are welcome to do it however you’d like. I just gave the template away and have done it the way that works best for me. I’ve had no trouble with raveling edges, it becomes part of the look of the pirate. My son has had his pirate doll for years and It still looks great! Best of luck to you.

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  18. Deborah Landress:

    Thank you so much for your post! We are having a pirate adventure for our Sunday school classes for the summer and I can’t wait to make this for our class.

  19. Tina:

    Wow!!! That’s so cool! Thank you so much for sharing this :)

  20. Ashley:

    I have had this pirate doll on my list of things to make for a while, it is so adorable! I can not get the link to the pattern to work. Is it still available? Thanks so much!

    • admin:

      Thank you Ashely! Unfortunately my account has expired and it’s too expensive to renew since I am not doing that many downloads. I might be able to find the template and email it to you.

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  22. jacaueline:

    I am beyond in love your pirate and wanted to make one myself but the template is no longer available is there any where I can get if from

    • admin:

      Hello Jacqueline, I will look for my template and send it to you.

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  24. Laura:

    Hi, I was wondering if you still had the template available? My daughter would love this and I really want to make it for her. Thanks!

    • admin:

      Hello Laura,

      I will look through my archive and see if I still have it and email it to you. Best!

      • Eloisa:

        If possible I would love to have the pattern also!!XO

  25. I know I’m a bit of an echo of the last three comments, but I, too, was hoping to track down the templates for the pirate softie. I have a nephew who is simply mad about Peter Pan, or more accurately I should say, Captain Hook! He thinks the whole story is about the Captain… {grin} If you still have the templates available, might I also snag a copy?

    • admin:

      I just sent you the pdf. Best!

  26. Julie:

    Super cute, you did a great job!! However, it says the template isn’t available anymore? Is there anyway you’d be able to email it to me? Or is that being to difficult??

    • admin:

      I just sent you the pdf. Happy sewing!

  27. Me gustaría hacer los piratas pero el pdf ya no esta disponible, disculpa me mandarías los moldes a mi correo, gracias un saludo desde Guatemala.

  28. Christy:

    I really love your Pirate Doll but when I tried to get the templates for it it said that they were deleted. : o( could you please send me copies of the pattern pieces please? Thanks.

  29. Christy:

    By the way you are really talented to be able to make up a pattern for such a cute doll.

  30. Christy:

    Can you please send me the templates for the Pirate My son really wants me to make one for him. Thanks

  31. Christy:

    could you send me the template for the doll?

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  34. Jennifer Whalen:

    Would you please send me the template for the pirate doll?

    • admin:

      Hello, I just sent you the template. Enjoy!

  35. Kirsteen McDonald:

    Wow this looks amazing. Would it be possible for you to email me the template as the download isn;t working? thank you :)

    • admin:

      Yes, I just sent you the template.

  36. Donna Skees:

    Love the pirate pattern could you please send it to me Thanks,Donna skees

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  38. Donna skees:

    Would love to have pirate template for my grandson! Could you send it please?

    • admin:

      Hello Donna, I just sent the template to you. Enjoy!

  39. Melissa Babecka:

    Hi. I just found your website and your pirate doll post. I would love to make this doll for my nephew for Christmas. He’s 18 months old and loves Jake the Pirate, but I want to make him something special and not so commercial. Would you consider sending me the pattern?
    Thanks in advance,

    • admin:

      Hello Melissa, I just emailed it to you. Best!

      • Melissa Babecka:

        Thank you so much. You are very sweet to share this.

        • Melissa Babecka:

          Would you please delete my comment containing my email address? That was my mistake. Thanks.

  40. Rebecka:

    I am in love love love with this pirate doll! I would love to make it for my baby’s first Christmas gift to go into his nautical room I’m putting together. Are you still emailing the PDF file? I would be so thankful and excited!

  41. Sarah:

    I would love to make this perfect pirate for my little guy, can I please get the PDF? He is the best stuffie I have ever seen for little boys!

    Thank you so much :)

  42. Amy:

    Hi, My nephew would love this! Would it be possible to get the pattern from you since it’s no longer available with the link?

  43. Kacey:

    Would love to get this template if you still have it available. Thanks!!


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  45. Cathy Morgan:

    Would love to make this for my grandson – could you email me the templates if possible.

    Thank you and best wishes,

  46. my daughter love pirate so muuuch and ask me to make her a doll. Would you email me the pdf pattern? Thank you so much….

  47. Kerry:

    Any chance you still have the template and are willing to email it? I would love to make one of these. I’m thinking it would go great with another whale plush toy pattern I found. P.S. I love your website design, by Fifth and Hazel, I’ve taken some of Melanie’s classes and they are wonderful.

  48. Envy:

    Love this so much! Please could you email the pattern if it’s not too much trouble, would love to make this!

  49. Hi, wonderful doll! My son will love to have one, could you email me the pdf if it is still available?
    Thank you so much

  50. Madeline:

    This is a great project. I would love to make it for my son. Where can I find the template?

  51. Missy:

    Your tutorial is fabulous, I was also wondering if you could pretty please send the template to me as well??
    I really hope you are able to find the time, it would be so much apprecuated.

  52. anna:

    Hi this pirate is so cute i am going to do a birthday party for my Julia and she woul dlove to get one like that , could you maybe find the pattern and email to me? it would be so great! thanks and have anice weekend

  53. This is the cutest pirate doll pattern I’ve seen. Is it possible to get the pattern from you? Thank you so much

  54. Carol:

    I would really love to get this pattern but the link appears to be broken. Is there some other way I can get it? Thanks!

  55. shellie s:

    I would love this pattern!!! It would go so well with my sons pirate themed room!!

  56. Kassie:

    I can’t access this but would be perfect present for a little boy’s birthday. Will you send it to me? Thanks

  57. Jen B.:

    If the pirate template is still available, I’d like to know if you’d be willing to email me a copy? My son is just now getting into roll playing and I’d like to provide him with something that’s well made and durable! And, if I make it, I’ll be sure of that.


  58. Gerri Coggins:

    Can you please send me the templates? Thanks so much for sharing this Pirate doll pattern.

  59. Lene:

    I love it, but is it possible to still get the template?

  60. Lene:

    I would also love it, if you would email me the template :o )

  61. Kat:

    Heyho, i love your priate and would love to sew it for my second grade (im primary school teacher). Please please send it to me, would be so nice!
    love kat

  62. danie rheault:

    please i want a pattern ps excuse my English because im french ;) tank you

  63. Quincy Richardson:

    I wish the pattern was still available!!! I really would love to make this doll!

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  65. Kathy:

    Love, love, love!!! It’s so hard to find really cute things for boys! Could you please send me the pdf? Pretty please? :-)

  66. Kathy:

    Please please please could you send me the pdf? This would be perfect for my grandson! Thank you!

  67. Narelle:

    Hi, I love this pirate, best I’ve seen for older boys, cute but not cutesy,
    Sooo I was wondering if you might be able to send me the templates for this guy, if you still have them, cheeky cheeky I know, but I am soo impressed with him.


  68. Julie:

    Any chance of still getting this adorable pirate doll pattern Kathy? Please send it to me if so. Thank you very much!

  69. paola:

    ola,amei seu blog parabens , por favor tem como me mandar o molde em pdf , nao esta desponivel no endereço que ta ai. meus filhos vao amar ,obrigada

  70. Cassandra:

    This is so cute. Any chance of still getting this adorable pirate doll pattern Kathy? Please send it to me if so. Thank you very much!

  71. Sarah:

    I would LOVE to make this pirate but the template is no longer there. Is there any other way I could get a copy of the template?

  72. Shelley:

    Any chance I can get this template? My daughter would love this for her pirate themed birthday! THANKS!

  73. Vanessa Sandlin:

    I would love to make this adorable pirate for my grandson! If the template is still available, would you please email it to me? Thank you so much!

  74. KIM SHOOK:


  75. Rachel:

    Please, could you send me the template? This would be perfect for my son! He loves pirates!Thank you! <3

  76. Kim Shook:

    Is there anyway you can send me this cute pirate doll pattern? I have two grandsons that would love it!!
    Thank You

  77. Annick:

    Is it still possible to get the template by email?

  78. LOVE your pirate tutorial! Is it possible to get the pdf still? Thanks so much!

  79. Eloisa:

    I would love to have the pirata pattern!!Thank you

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