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love mae wrapping paper

Love Mae has recently launched The most beautiful collection of 100% recyclable wrapping paper. There are so many great patterns to choose, my favorites are:  dream weaver, charcoal stripes, confetti, red roses, and of course the red polka.  Love Mae will


When I first met Sarah Jane I was completely star struck, my cheeks flushed and I had a hard time speaking (those of you who know me know how rare it is for me to be at a loss for

Natural history museum

Last Friday I took Henrik, along with my cousin’s darling two children to the Natural History Museum. My cousin Friederike (who is a very talented architect) and her children are visiting us from Hamburg, Germany. This is one of my favorite Museums.  The

Love Mae winner!

First of all I want you all to know this was a really tough decision for me.  I wanted to give it to everyone who commented.  Thanks for all your comments and Thanks to Love Mae for making this giveaway